Do you have genuine talent? If so, make sure that you contact the professionals at ExhibitRecruiter because we will provide access to exclusive opportunities across a wide range of job functions within the trade show exhibit, event marketing, experiential marketing, branded marketing environments and audio visual (AV) rental markets.

In most circumstances we will also proactively but discreetly market you to specific clients if, based on our knowledge of their business, we believe there is a "good fit". We are able to do this based on our wide network of industry specific clients. Next, you will be contacted and briefed on the identity of our client. After you have researched the company, simply contact us to communicate your interest level. With ExhibitRecruiter, your identity and resume will never be presented to our clients without your consent. As always, our service is at no cost to you.

ExhibitRecruiter regularly have clients seeking top industry professionals working within the following job functions:

► Sales
► Business Development
► Creative
► Strategy
► Project Support
► Management
► Client Support
► Operations
► Production
► Executive

In addition to our traditional recruiting, ExhibitRecruiter created ExhibitPeeps.com to provide job seekers with an opportunity to gain Maximum Exposure to industry hiring firms throughout the US, Canada and the UK. ExhibitPeeps.com is an online recruiting tool that is Fast, Free & Efficient. We've developed position-specific questions for you, the job seeker, and we'll use your answers to build your free online bio. Posting your information on ExhibitPeeps.com is absolutely free and completely confidential. You decide if or when your identity will be revealed to an interested employer.

No industry resource has more hiring managers reviewing bios than ExhibitPeeps.com. Posting your anonymous bio on ExhibitPeeps.com takes less than ten minutes and will ensure that your profile is read by key industry decision makers. Simply click on the ExhibitPeeps.com box below to get started.

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