At ExhibitRecruiter, we strive to create the perfect match for both our candidates and our clients, only bringing together the most highly qualified people and organizations. We achieve the best possible fit by developing lasting relationships with our employer clients and by leveraging our extensive network of highly qualified, talented professionals. We clearly understand the intricate details of each position, and that's how we provide the best possible fit, every time.  

We never inundate our clients with unqualified resumes in hopes of collecting a placement fee. We trust our client partners, so resumes are e-mailed to them with complete contact information. Our candidates approve a client before their resumes are submitted, so they always know where their credentials have been sent. With us there is complete accountability and transparency.  

We consistently go beyond what is expected and pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients. By listening and anticipating those needs, we identify qualified candidates from our extensive database of industry contacts. We listen to our client's needs, and only provide them with candidates who are highly qualified, ultimately saving them considerable time and money. We do this in a time frame that exceeds our client's expectations and delivers results.

We can also provide our clients a factual and independent career verification process ranging from basic name and address confirmation accompanied by verification of last two employment periods plus verbal references, to more complex processes that includes a criminal background check, verifying education/degree, full employment history (including reasons for leaving) and professional training check.

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